AU where they’re both mages in training and Mabel is amazing and Dipper is not so amazing despite having a constellation birth mark which mean’s he should be more powerful. When they arrive at Gravity Falls, Dipper finds the journal (which is actually a spell book) however he can’t really do the spells because he so weak. Cue Bill, who comes along and offers him a deal of having more power as long as Bill can use his body every now and again. 


world renowned explorers make the headlines again after finding ancient underground statue by using echo location (because Mabel yodeling in a cave to make her voice bounce back would totally help them discover an archeological find of the century)

idk I just wanted to draw slightly olderer Mystery Twins still being Mystery Twins ;__;

alright im going into the gravity falls tag and at the first sign of pinescest or anything slightly nsfw im leaving



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A neat preview of our new book, Dipper & Mabel’s Guide to Mystery and Nonstop fun, which includes a glossy pull out map & Sev’ral Timez poster, as well as some big hidden secrets that are pretty tough to decode! The perfect gift for the little Dipper in your life

Written by Rob Renzetti and Shane Houghton and featuring illustrations by our fantastic character designer Stephanie Ramirez (Follow her at!) 

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